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The Award for Swedish Quality Goes to Centiro

By Paulina Lundström on Dec 9, 2021 5:30:00 PM

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The award for Swedish Quality is the most prestigious national quality accolade and this year it is awarded to Centiro.  

Since 1992, SIQ - the Swedish Institute for Quality, has awarded the Swedish Quality Award to companies who long-term and systematically develop their work with quality and improvement at an organizational level, and thereby achieve sustainable success.  

“The employees' clear customer focus and passionate commitment are important factors behind the success. In addition, there is a large and successful focus on innovation and sustainability”, says Anders Mellberg Chairman of SIQ's judging committee about Centiro receiving the award. 

The five areas that determine who receives the award are the ability to create value with customers and stakeholders, lead for sustainability, involve motivated employees, develop value-creating processes and work with improvements and create innovations. 

The jury's motivation 

Centiro is an innovator of cloud services for managing flows of goods in e-commerce, logistics and industry. World-leading companies and brands, in more than 175 countries, use their solutions. The company has strong growth, good financial sustainability and thus contributes to leading the focus on sustainability in logistics.  

For Centiro, employees are the company's most important resource and great emphasis is placed on creating a culture where everyone feels involved in the company's success. The strong culture means that there is courage to challenge traditional norms and established approaches to building value-creating services and processes.

Through innovative solutions and dedicated customer teams, Centiro has developed its processes and working methods in a unique way and created a customer-oriented business development that is world-class. Centiro is a very good role model and a worthy recipient of the Swedish Quality Award. 

Gustaf Stawåsen, CISO at Centiro says, “I believe our unique way of working with our culture, our colleagues at heart, and a partner-driven customer focus – challenge traditional structures and non-value metrics. The process with SIQ has been comprehensive in many steps, with an amazing evaluation team and great questions and discussions. A rare, rewarding and enlightening experience”.  

The Swedish Quality Award highlights role models and is given to organizations that have demonstrated significant results from their successful quality work. The operations are illuminated from a holistic perspective where strengths and opportunities for improvement are identified in detail based on the SIQ Management model, which is a basis for how organizations achieve success with their operations. 

SIQ – the Swedish Institute for Quality is the national center for business excellence in Sweden. They are a non-profit organization founded in 1990 with the support of the Swedish Government as well as their members association, private companies, institutions, and the public sector. 

Niklas Hedin, Centiro CEO says, “Challenging status quo and norms, even in quality management, to reach better outcomes for our customer, with a strong people- and culture focus has been our DNA from day one. The tireless efforts of our amazing colleagues, and a crisp vision of how we want to push the possible has now brought us to the top. I’m proud and grateful for the award, as we are now considered a reference of how sustainable success for employees, customers and other stakeholders can be achieved, without compromise”. 



Paulina Lundström

Written by Paulina Lundström

Paulina is a communications veteran with a passion for brand building. A globetrotter who lived in Boston, Los Angeles and currently resides in Sweden.