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Centiro ranked no 5 among IT-students in Sweden

By Paulina Lundström on May 15, 2020 3:34:00 PM

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Diploma Top 10 list karriärföretagen

Centiro made it to the Top 10-list and placed number 5 when Karriärföretagen asked IT-students to rank the most attractive workplaces in Sweden.

Our placement is truly a confirmation that all the effort we have put into our workplace and culture to stay relevant for young professionals who shape our future pays off!

Karriärföretagen’s goal is to guide students towards a promising future career. Each year they post a Top 100 list of companies who have the best career- and development possibilities for young talents, where Centiro qualified earlier this year. Now the students have ranked all these companies according to who they think is the most attractive workplace and where they would like to work.

Paulina Lundström

Written by Paulina Lundström

Paulina is a communications veteran with a passion for brand building. A globetrotter who lived in Boston, Los Angeles and currently resides in Sweden.