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Centiro + Zalando switch gears

By Niklas Hedin on Apr 27, 2020 10:34:00 AM

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Centiro enables Zalando to Accelerate Support for Brands and Retailers during Corona-virus Crisis.

In the midst of the crisis, it has become evident that the retail industry is severely impacted. With lock-downs in several countries and less-to-no orders, brands are struggling with generating vital revenue.

Stronger Together
With its delivery cloud platform, Centiro supports Zalando, Europe’s leading online platform for fashion and lifestyle, in onboarding physical stores to its Connected Retail Program. In the light of the current crisis, Centiro and Zalando quickly switched gears to make sure the program could scale faster. 

The corona outbreak has catapulted the retail-community in accelerated and unprecedented challenge and change. Built on our longstanding partnership, we are proud to catalyze and help Zalando’s Connected Retail program speed up with network technology to connect the onboarded store with consumer-focused delivery networks, coupled with Zalando’s undisputed capability to sell online. It allows for classic retail and progressive online business to co-exist, collaborate and thrive with the best of both worlds for the consumer. It’s sustainable innovation, and in these times, a generous gesture from Zalando for a greater good. I see it is an inspiring example of how we become stronger together” says Niklas Hedin, CEO Centiro.

A Special Offer
With Connected Retail, Zalando is opening its platform to physical retailers, enabling them to fulfill orders from Zalando customers and ship parcels directly from their stores. Connected Retail is open to every retailer and brand with physical stores, as long as they offer products sold on Zalando. The program is currently available in Germany and the Netherlands. To support physical retail even better during the current crisis, Zalando is offering special conditions to its partners. Dr. Carsten Keller, VP Direct-to-Consumer, Zalando SE explains

The lock-down has strongly affected brick-and-mortar retailers all across Europe. With Connected Retail we aim to be part of the solution. In order to support retailers in these difficult times, we have decided to fully waive commissions and accelerate payouts to retailers. Over the past weeks we have received hundreds of requests from retailers to join the Connected Retail program. Centiro is a trusted and competent partner in enabling retailers to quickly ship orders from their stores.

Connected Retail
If you want to know more about Zalando Connected Retail, please click here.

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