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Centiro winners in Employer Branding Awards

By Paulina Lundström on Oct 5, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Centiro was awarded Newcomer of the Year at Universum's Employer Branding Awards 2020! Niklas Hedin CEO and Åsa Beronius CHRO at Centiro accepted the award. 

During the ceremony, both companies and individuals who have done "the little extra" are awarded for building a strong Employer Brand toward Young Professionals. 

Niklas Hedin says "We are happy to get this acknowledgment as we have been working with Employer Branding and being a great place to work for our colleagues since day one. The true power of Centiro comes from our passionate people. Something you immediately notice when you meet us."  

Åsa Beronius continues "This award is a testament to our colleagues positive commitment. We listen to each other and find that we have a tremendous engagement, not only within, but also outside of Centiro. Our culture is not on a piece of paper - our colleagues are the ones who upholds the Centiro way, together, every day. 

About Universum Awards 
Universum's Employer Branding Awards are held yearly and intends to pay tribute to the employers and individuals who with all their heart put extra work on building a strong Employer Brand towards talent in Sweden. This year's winners think in new ways and dare to show the way for successful Employer Branding work that aims to attract the colleagues of the future. 

Universum's Jury Motivation 
"This company has worked with Employer Branding questions in a remarkable way and reached very strong results. They show a large portion of energy and positive enforcement in strengthening the Employer Branding-questions internally. Their communication paints a broad and clear picture which attracts a lot of talent. It is almost impossible not to feel their energy, knowledge and ambition in their work. This company is a perfect role model for all who work with Employer Branding!" Read more about Universum at https://universumglobal.com/


Paulina Lundström

Written by Paulina Lundström

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