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Centiro supports Zalando to Revolutionize Pre-Owned Fashion

By Paulina Lundström on Nov 11, 2020 11:38:04 AM

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Reselling, recommerce, reverse commerce, recycling, second hand, circular shopping or pre-owned? No matter what you call it, pre-owned fashion has never been hotter in the retail fashion world. In fact, clothing and secondhand apparel take the largest market share of pre-owned, set to reach over $51 billion by 2023 (ThredUp 2019 Resale Report).

The Pre-Owned Trend
The trend to buy or sell pre-owned fashion spans everyone from college students to millionaires. The appeal goes beyond money — it’s recycling and repurposing culture, while also improving sustainability in the fashion industry. Rapid changes in consumer behavior requires excellence in supply chain agility.

Centiro – Connect Once. Deliver Through Any
Centiro’s supply chain network cloud and expertise, connect customers, partners and logistic parties globally, which allows for a local and sustainable delivery experience – global reach with a local touch. With Centiro Perspective, we’re enabling visibility with unparalleled quality to secure stability and effectiveness.

With the pre-owned fashion trend accelerating at a remarkable speed, we are proud to be a part of our customers’ initiative to reduce waste, reduce environmental impact and provide a great consumer service. We will continue to contribute with technology, knowledge and experience.

Zalando’s New Pre-Owned Offer
With the Centiro Platform, we are supporting Zalando to revolutionize the pre-owned market; Zalando being the first fashion platform to offer a seamless combination of both new and pre-owned shopping. Consumers can effortlessly buy and trade pre-owned garments.

Zalando’s new Pre-Owned offer is available through Zalando Fashion Store website. Consumers can easily trade in items, directly on the platform or via Zalando’s Zircle app. The consumer simply takes a photo of the item, adds some basic information and uploads it to the platform, where immediately a price is suggested by Zalando. If the seller accepts the price, the garment is shipped to Zalando for a quality check and is then resold by Zalando. Centiro enables the use of local heroes handpicked by Zalando in respective markets by connecting all needed parties digitally.

The Pre-Owned project is the latest collaboration, however, Centiro and Zalando have been partners since 2015. Peter Enhörning, Strategic Account Manager at Centiro explains, “We provide Zalando with delivery technology that allows them to run a modern delivery network to support their relentless focus on consumer convenience and sustainability. Regardless of category, fulfillment option or delivery method, Centiro makes sure to streamline the experience and enable visibility in their network of warehouses, brand partners and stores.”

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